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Capacity Middle East 2024

Connecting Faces and Opportunities: Meet Our Management Team at Capacity Middle East 2024!

Excitement is in the air as we gear up for one of the most anticipated events in the telecommunications and connectivity industry – Capacity Middle East 2024! As we count down the days to this prestigious networking conference, we are thrilled to extend an invitation to all our prospective clients and partners to connect with our dynamic management team during the event.

Meet Our Management Team
Our dedicated management team will be on-site throughout the conference, eager to engage with you, discuss potential collaborations, and explore how we can create mutually beneficial partnerships. Our executives possess a wealth of experience and expertise, ready to share insights into the evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Schedule a Meeting:
If you prefer a more in-depth discussion, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with our executives. Drop us an email on

Who We Are

With a vision to deliver seamless services to telecom operators worldwide, "Link Technology," registered in Malaysia, was established by a management team renowned for their strong technical expertise and profound understanding of the telecommunications industry. Their substantial experience in the Long-Distance and International (LDI) sector inspired them to provide comprehensive voice and data services to the market, ultimately leading to the establishment of their own wholesale company. Link Technology has successfully established interconnections with the leading LDI operators in Pakistan, and they have also formed partnerships with various telecom operators and wholesale aggregators operating on a global scale. In the Pakistani market, Link Technology strategically formed a partnership with "ADG LDI" and delivered services in the same domain. Their primary objective is to provide exceptional service to their customers in Pakistan, with a strong emphasis on enhancing Quality of Service (QOS) and expanding capacity. They are committed to extending and enhancing the range of services they offer to meet and exceed their customers' needs and expectations. With the same vision in mind and a determination to become a market leader, the management founded HG Telecom in 2022 with the objective of obtaining an LDI license for the mainland of Pakistan. They were granted a license in 2023 and remarkably managed to become operational within the same year, setting a record for their swift launch. HG Telecommunication, the sister company of Link Technology, holds a competitive edge over others, as it possesses a license that remains valid until 2043. This advantage stands out, especially when considering that the licenses of the majority of other operators are set to expire in 2024.

International Connectivity!

HG Telecommunications, WorldLink and Link Technologies Malaysia have created a consortium that will have no parallel in Pakistan. We now cover the entire spectrum of digital communication services and serve as the hub that offers seamless connectivity to Asia, Europe, and the MENA region. We offer multiple delivery channels for the wholesale IP interconnectivity, SMS, Packet-Based voice traffic over an integrated IP and TDM platform and voice call completion regardless of point of presence. That is the reason AirTel, Bics, PTGi, IDT, Lyca, Lebara, OmanTel, Virgin Mobile, Tata and Europeer trust our services We are handling over 2 million minutes per day already, and servicing almost all telcos including PTCL, Jazz, CM Pak, Telenor to name a few. With the forthcoming Pakistan’s fiber infrastructure deployment and landing station network, we are the future of global connectivity within Pakistan and the primary service hub for the region. The efficiency, deployment of state of the art technology, demonstrated experience over a decades in the region, we are redefining and reshaping the Pakistan’s and regional market.

Services We Offer

Link Technology is lifting up your communicational assets with its mindful extravagance!

Voice Termination

Link Technology has streamlined business by automating taking Voice from the initial starting point to the end terminal with secure and convenient online portals.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow you to be on the forefront by giving you the opportunitiy to update your whole IT infrastructure while enjoying lowers costs, high quality of service, and limited risk liability.

Worldwide Coverage

The world is on our fingertips and we provide you with benefit at all times! Many companies are limited to a few small regions, countries, or businesses, however Link Technology provides worldwide coverage to all of its consumers.


Our Network utilises A High-Fidelity Infrastructure And Extrastructure Encompassing A Secure Carrier Grid, High Speed Multi-Protocol IP Switch Handling And Fixed Line Services. In addition to that Our Network Agenda Is Fully Powered And Secured For Long Route Routing.

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To be known and recognized as a competitive, well reputed and a leading transnational telecom provider in the industry. To provide an unparalleled service to its customers whilst ensuring quick availability and 24/7 accessibility.


  • Partner
  • Our partners are never left behind! We provide our partners with the newest and most advanced technologies in order to increase efficieny and improve the overall cost
  • Support
  • Life in unpredictable, one can never know what will happen in the future whether it’s near or far. This is why we are ready 24/7. 365 Days a year to assist you in any type of manner!
  • Quality Assurance
  • We strive to provide the best quality of service and have done so since the formation of our company to ensure that our growth as a company is consistent and viable for all of our partners and clients. Through out global interconnections and a robust IPX/MPLS/IP/TDM network we are able to keep that quality assured.
  • Direct Association
  • Link Technology has made it a point to be direct with everyone we work with. No intermedieries mean no interruptions, miscommunication, or issues arise!